Why you should use a professional electrician

November 25, 2020

The law is very clear in Queensland and anywhere else in Australia and New Zealand (who share the same electrical regulations) that only a fully qualified, registered and licensed electrician is allowed to do any electrical work apart from simply changing light bulbs or fuses in the home. It’s important that you hire a professional electrician for any type of electrical repairs or alterations you need done in or around your home.

  • DIY Electrical Work

Many Australians are pretty good at doing stuff themselves and take pride in repairing and maintaining their own homes. But when it comes to electrical repairs or alterations the risk is just too high. Just a small mistake could cause serious injury, dearth or fire, so to save a few dollars, it’s just not worth the risks and the penalties of doing your own wiring are very steep.

If there is an accident and you are found to have done your own electrical repairs or installations you could be libel for any loss of property or life and you would not be covered by any insurance policies.

When a professional electrical contractor does any wiring on a property they are required to place that in writing so any other electrical contractor who works on that property in the future can quickly see what has been done and by whom. Because of regulations like this it’s very clear when a non qualified person has done any wiring work.

Wiring and safety inspectors will go over the wiring in any home fire or place where an electrical accident had happened to ascertain the cause and to ensure that all wiring and repairs were carried out properly and by a fully trained, qualified and licensed, professional electrician.

What would have been a small and relatively inexpensive repair job by a local electrician on The Gold Coast can quickly become a very expensive situation.

When considering doing any electrical repairs or alterations consider these points

  • Safety

The main concern regarding not doing any electrical work yourself is the safety of your family, home and anyone who enters your property

  • Danger

Electricity cannot be seen, smelt or heard, but it can be lethal and quick. If your electrical system is not installed properly by a professional electrician on The Gold Coast.

A simple thing like driving a nail into a wall to hanging a picture could result in electrical shock with properly installed safety switches

  • Cost

Making a mistake when doing your own electrical repairs can cause more damage and result in costly repairs. Hiring a professional electrician will ensure the job is done quickly and cost-effectively

When you hire an electrician to do any installation or electrical repairs you know the work will be done in accordance with all local and federal laws and safety standards so you can be sure your family and property is safe from electrical hazards and fires Having a professional electrician work on your homes wiring will ensure it will be able to cope with any loads or appliances you use in your home. It will extend your wiring’s lifetime and reduce the like hood of any future electrical problems.

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