What is smart wiring and why should you consider it?

August 28, 2021

If you take a peek behind the walls of your house, you will be blown away by the amount of wiring that is winding its way through the framing. Power, phone, internet, lighting and audio cables are just some of the wiring you will find. Plus, if you are living in an older home then there will be redundant and unused cable that has never been removed once they have served their purpose. The advent of smart homes and automation has seen the need for forward-thinking electricians, this is where smart wiring has found its place.

Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring is a system that integrates many different types of wires into one platform, which allows for the integration of smart home systems and sensors throughout your home. Smart wiring includes lighting wire, internet communications cable, security system wire and audio-visual or entertainment installation cables. One of the great benefits is that it allows greater accessibility to your wiring and makes it easier to expand your power and cabling network when you need to. With the help of an experienced electrician, many people will plan for the future by having internet, TV and pay-tv cabling installed around the house even though they may not require the wiring at that time. Then when you are ready to upgrade or add features you already have the cabling in place, and it can connect to one point instead of having to do many installs around your home.

When should I do it?

When you buy a house in the past you would often have to deal with the hand you are dealt when it comes to your wiring. Whilst it is more expensive to add smart wiring to your current home you will be adding value to your home if and when you sell. The best time to think about smart wiring is when you are renovating or building a new home. This way with the help of yourΒ NDF Electrical ServicesΒ you can map your wiring in your home and be certain that you can have every eventuality planned for the future.

Experienced and Quality electricians on The Gold Coast

There is very little doubt that when hiring someone to perform electrical work on your home you must trust that they know what they are doing. The Team at NDF Electrical Services have years of experience and are committed to continually learning and staying at the cutting edge of technology. This is no more relevant than having smart wiring installed in your home, you will need a tradesman who is experienced in providing you with the best and most cost-effective solution for your home. No two homes are the same so there aren’t any cookie-cutter approaches, with every smart wiring plan being different. The team at NDF Electrical Services will take the time to explain the process and ensure you understand what is being installed and exactly how to use it.

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