The value of an energy audit

March 16, 2022

The first step in our NDF Energy Systems process is always an energy audit of your business.  All we need to get started is a copy of your business’s power bill. We will look at the following:

  • How do you use your energy?
    Which days do you use energy, what time, and how much? What do you use energy for? Can we improve your efficiency straight away with some small changes to the machinery you use, lighting, heating or cooling – it all adds up, and we’ll give you some tips before we even think about where renewables can help.
  • How much are you paying your current retailer?
    When was the last time you looked at your power bill? Do you know what all those tariffs, supply charges, demand charges and rates mean? We will look at your power bill in-depth and work out how we can save you the maximum amount of money.
  • Is solar the right fit for your business?
    We’re genuine about helping small businesses save money. We love the motto – If it’s going to cost you a dollar, don’t do it! If solar isn’t the right fit for your business or if there is a better option for your individual needs, we’ll tell you. We’re a family run business – we get it.
  • If solar is the right option, would adding batteries boost your savings even further?
    Batteries are becoming more accessible as technology advances – we will look at whether adding batteries to a system would be beneficial and give you costings on both options. Our systems are always battery ready so we can always add them on later.

Energy audits are all about getting to know you and your business, they’re quick and you’re under no obligation to buy anything – though you will definitely want to listen to the energy-saving tips.

Ready to get started? Book a no-obligation energy audit with NDF Group today. Call 07 5231 0531to speak to our team today.

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