NDF Energy’s Stand-Alone Power System helps power school in Mount Tamborine

November 22, 2022

Glen Bull, from Bull & Bull Plumbing, approached Nick at NDF Group to help resolve the issue of connecting the bore pump to the electricity mains at an independent state school in Mount Tamborine, Queensland. NDF Energy Systems, a division within the group, provided a renewable solution to power the bore pump without the need to run cables across the school grounds.

The location of the bore hole had always been an issue for the school and supplying power to a pump wasn’t possible until NDF were engaged. The water from the bore hole supplies the school toilets, which is vital for the school to remain open. The proposed cost of digging up the playground to trench the cables versus the installation of a Stand-Alone Power System was a much more cost effective solution. As NDF Energy Systems had recently installed a number of these systems Bull & Bull were grateful to proceed with such a cost effective and time saving solution.

When Nick mentioned they had installed several of the Stand-Alone Power Systems across the country I was blown away they could offer such an alternative solution. Not just saving money and time, the system also reflects a positive environmental attittude for the school, whereby they are generating their own renewable power.
Glen Bull / Bull & Bull Plumbing

The solution is made up of a non-metal composite pole which is installed using concrete-free footing system. The battery and inverters are housed in a cabinet next to the pole to convert the renewable power into an electricity supply for the pump. It’s becoming a very popular solution to power applications that are too remote for an electrical connection and it’s also falling in line with the green targets within Australia.

I knew straight away this was the best solution, there was no need to dig up a playground when there were other options available. We are very pleased to be able to offer this to our clients as it shows we are constantly looking to provide the best solution on the market.
Nick Foley / NDF Group, Director

The school maintenance team are able to control and monitor the energy levels, with NDF Energy also providing an ongoing support service, with remote access to all components and operational parameters to monitor the system making sure energy levels and power supply is running efficiently.

For more information on our Stand-Alone Power Systems, follow the link.

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