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Community estates require large amounts of energy to deliver the high-quality service their customers expect. As energy and other related costs continue to rise, seeking out sustainable methods of generating this power is becoming increasingly popular among site operators. NDF Group offer quality renewable energy solutions for retirement villages and community living precincts. Our team has years of both experience and success in decentralised solar and battery systems in gated communities across Australia.

  • Retirement Villages
  • Gated Communities
  • Embedded Networks
  • Solar PV & Battery Systems
  • Centralised Battery Storage
  • Virtual Power Plants
  • Eco Villages
  • Microgrids



Our experienced team of renewable energy experts and engineers can change the way a new or existing retirement village or gated community uses energy. We can conduct a full feasibility study for each site, detailing savings and returns, environmental benefits and regulatory compliance advice. With over 10 years experience across more than 1000 residences, we know community living.


Decrease your site’s overheads and emissions with an NDF Energy System. Will design a system tailored to your unique site with the option to increase renewable income or to benefit your residents. We take care of all design, approvals, project management and installation in house – all of this adds up to a seamless process for your site to start making an impact.

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