Tugun Residence

location Tugun, QLD
sector Residential
Components Solar PV and Battery
Products Jinko, SENEC

Tugun Residence

Our in-house CEC accredited solar designers tailored a complete home energy solution for a Southern Gold Coast home, virtually eliminating the power bill.

The system comprised of a 9.13kW Solar PV with a 9kWh SENEC battery. The SENEC battery system stores excess energy generated by the PV system, allowing homeowners to use when required – such as when the household’s energy consumption increases in the evening or on rainy days when the PV system generates less power.

Through smart home monitoring,Β  the level of solar power and battery charge can be measured allowing the homeowners to optimise their usage of the renewable energy system and allowing them energy independence.


  • 9.13kW Solar PV and 9kWh SENEC battery
  • Remote monitoring of energy system


  • Reducing the overall energy bill by 95%
  • First year projected cost savings $2,250
  • System payback period 3 years
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Thank you to the team at NDF for making the choice to purchase our home solar and battery system an easy one. From the beginning, we were impressed by Chris’ knowledge and passion in what he had to offer, he took the time to go through what he thought was the best package for our home. The installation was seamless and overall an easy process with an amazing service.

Jamie / Southern Gold Coast Homeowner


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