JOLT Charge EV Fast Charger

location Camp Hill, Brisbane
service EV Fast Charger Installation
Industry Electric Vehicles

Project Overview

JOLT Charge has successfully installed the first fast charging station in the state in partnership with NDF Group. This innovative initiative is set to revolutionise the way EV owners charge their vehicles offering free, fast, clean charging for electric vehicles. The stations offer complimentary charging of up to 7kWh per vehicle daily, putting more money back into the vehicle owner’s pocket whilst paving the way towards a greener future.

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JOLT is thrilled to launch in Queensland, where we've witnessed a rapid increase of EV ownership, with more than 7350 EVs on Queensland roads, and growing. JOLT provides 7kwh of free, fast charging to all drivers every day, making EV ownership more accessible for everyone. Drivers can save around $1,000 every year by charging with JOLT.

Doug McNamee / JOLT CEO


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