Ground Mount System

location Chambers Flat, QLD
sector Residential
Components Ground mounted solar system
Products Trina, Sungrow, Clenergy

Ground Mount System

Our team recently installed a cutting-edge ground mount solar system on a property with complete shading, where a rooftop solar PV system was not viable. Leveraging the available land, we harnessed the sun’s power and optimised energy consumption for the site.


  • 13.28kW Trina PV
  • Sungrow inverter
  • Clenergy mounting system


  • Reducing the overall energy bill by 97%
  • First-year projected cost savings $1,900
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Due to the residence being completed shaded, with ample space and unhindered access to sunlight, installing a ground mount system was the most practical choice for harnessing the power of the sun effectively.

Chris King / Installation Manager, NDF Group


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