NDF drastically reduces homeowners power bill by 95%

December 13, 2022

Our installation team recently designed and installed a complete solution for a Southern Gold Coast home which has virtually eliminated the power bill.

Jamie & Giovanni recently purchased the 3-bedroom home, having relocated from Victoria where they previously owned a property benefitting from solar power. They knew they wanted a renewable solution for their new property but were unsure of the latest technology and system upgrades now available on the residential market.

They approached Chris King at NDF Energy systems to discuss packages available, as well as reaching out to alternate companies offering renewables. Chris took the time to design the most suited system to their lifestyle and household requirements and explained why the option was best for them. For this reason, Jamie & Giovanni put their trust in NDF to deliver the solution they were hoping for.

Thank you to the team at NDF for making the choice to purchase our home solar and battery system an easy one. From the beginning, we were impressed by Chris’ knowledge and passion in what he had to offer, he took the time to go through what he thought was the best package for our home. The installation was seamless and overall an easy process with an amazing service.
Jamie / Southern Gold Coast Homeowner

The system comprises of a 9.13 Solar PV with a 9kWh SENEC battery and was installed over a 2-day period. The SENEC battery system stores excess energy generated by the PV systems so you can use it when you need it – such as when the household’s energy consumption increases in the evening or on rainy days when the PV system generates less power. Through smart home monitoring, we were able to check the level of solar power used as well as battery charge level and were happy to see there was no need for grid usage. Therefore, the package designed has given them energy independence. Let NDF tailor a solution that’s right for your energy usage and home.


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