NDF Group Provide Stand-Alone Power for Security Cameras in Sydney

September 15, 2022

NDF Energy Systems designed a cost-effective solution for Bayside Council in Sydney. The project consisted of a series of fifteen safety cameras and communication antennas adjacent to Georges River Sailing Club, where connection to the main grid wasn’t a viable option. To provide constant power for the cameras to operate all day and night, NDF’s standalone power system was the perfect solution for the council and its security needs.

Kevin Herselman, the Project Consultant for the job, designed and calculated loads to distribute power to the fifteen cameras and communication antennas across a busy recreational area, powered by five small-scale wind turbines and solar PV panels. To save costs of components he designed the system to be supported by just three cabinets to house the battery and control for the five poles. These cabinets are made in Australia with a very high IP rating ensuring a complete weatherproof solution for the area’s harsh seaside climate.

It was great to apply our Stand-Alone Power System for a different purpose. Our previous installation powered telecommunications on a remote farm, whereas this install in a busy Sydney suburb was a fantastic solution for Bayside Council as they where looking at major running costs for the DNSP to be connected. Our three-piece renewable technology solution allows footage to be captured around the clock, at a much smaller cost in the long term.
Kevin Herselman / NDF Group

The small-scale wind technology, only recently incorporated into NDF’s offering, is a unique solution in renewables we are able to provide with our partners, Aura Clean Energy. The Monash University tested wind turbine is based on MagLev technology which works differently to traditional wind turbines, allowing for a more durable solution with less maintenance required. The wind turbine is mounted on a composite pole secured by steel piles avoiding the use of environmentally damaging concrete.Β  The battery and control components in a ground mounted cabinet control when the wind turbine should start and stop and stores the renewable energy to dispatch to the cameras so they are always operating. It’s an environmentally friendly solution, not just to the local area, but also contributing to net-zero targets on a larger scale.

This installation will contribute to the safety of the area, which is one of the many applications for the system. Other possible applications are telecommunications, lighting, gate control and more. We are finding this system is increasingly sought after across Australia, in a variety of industries and we are pleased to be able to deliver the solution to our clients.

For further information on our Stand-Alone Power Systems just follow the link or contact us to find out how we can build a solution for you.


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