NDF offers a resolution for a shaded property in Currumbin Valley

December 07, 2023

The NDF Energy team recently installed a Solar PV and battery package for a Currumbin Valley homeowner. Three months later, he is fully independent from the grid.

Nestled on over 5500 sqm, the tranquil 5-bedroom property sits surrounded by trees. However, this picturesque scene posed shading challenges, especially during the winter months. Despite discouraging advice from another solar company that solar wouldn’t be suitable for the property, the homeowner was unhappy with his exorbitant bills per quarter and reached out to the NDF Team for help.

Challenged by shading issues, we designed the integrated solar system to optimise energy production and storage, addressing the challenges posed by heavy shading during the winter months. The NDF Design team decided quickly due to these issues, a regular string inverter wouldn’t suffice. Opting for a SolarEdge inverter paired with Qcells Q.MAXX panels proved to be the innovative solution required. Through our innovative design approach, we not only overcame shading obstacles but also tailored a comprehensive solution that aligned with the homeowner’s goals. The primary goal was clear – to diminish electricity costs and environmental impact.

Geoff approached us after another solar company told him solar wasn't suitable for his property. I suggested clearing some trees for better sunlight and recognised a regular string inverter wouldn't cut it. The SolarEdge solution, which lets him keep an eye on each panel, turned out to be perfect. Plus, Geoff loves tech stuff and monitoring, so it's a win-win. Now, he can track every panel's performance, even get alerts for things like a bird leaving a surprise. He is really happy with his new solar and battery setup!
Nick / NDF Director and CEC Accredited installer

The implementation of a 13kW solar system in Currumbin Valley showcases the effectiveness of modern solar solutions in overcoming shading challenges. The integration of Qcells Black Q.MAXX panels, a SolarEdge inverter, and 10kW battery storage not only reduced the client’s environmental footprint but also provided a sustainable, cost-effective energy solution, leading to complete energy independence. Allow NDF to customize a solution that aligns with your energy needs and suits your home.

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