NDF Group assists Currumbin Waters family in lowering their bills

January 31, 2024

Nicole and her family recently completed renovations on their residence in Currumbin Waters. The renovations included a swimming pool and as a result, they found themselves dealing with a huge increase in their electricity bills. Mostly due to the increased power usage of the pool pump, but not helped by the substantial hike in energy prices, with the overall costs increasing by 50 % from the previous year.

Confronted with the challenge of escalating electricity expenses, she sought out sustainable alternatives and sought assistance from the NDF Group. Nicole met with Sarah Wilde, a representative from the NDF Energy Sales Team, to explore the available options. Sarah designed a system to optimise the solar panel configuration on the roof, aiming to minimise the overall power expenses.

Adapting the system to align with Nicole’s lifestyle and household requirements, Sarah provided a comprehensive explanation of why this particular option best suited their needs. As a result, Nicole decided to place her trust in NDF Group, and saw a massive reduction in her electricity bills immediately.

I'm really happy with the solar system NDF Group installed for us. As advised, we now use most of our appliances during the day, to maximise use of our solar production, and even with the pool pump running longer hours over the summer period, I'm back to paying daily supply charges only.
Nicole / Gold Coast Homeowner

The solar PV system consists of a 9.9kW system featuring 25 x Q Cells Q.MAXX Black Panels. The family can also monitor their solar production and consumption through the smart meter, allowing them to strategically utilise appliances during daylight hours whenever feasible. This approach enables them to harness solar power effectively, resulting in a significant reduction in their energy bill.

Let NDF tailor a solution that’s right for you today.

Contact us for further information on this link.Β NDF Energy residential solution click the link.

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