Introducing NDF Energy’s Complete Residential Solution

October 17, 2022

Renewable energy for the home starts with solar and NDF Energy Systems has been busy researching the best solutions to take full advantage of renewable energy in the home. We are excited to announce a partnership with Senec, an award-winning European company offering integrated solutions to consolidate solar power, energy storage, virtual cloud storage and electric vehicle charging.

Senec, established in Germany and Italy with over 100,000 units installed successfully was established in Germany in 2009 and now expanded to Australia. Together, with partners NDF Energy, they will revolutionise the way Australian home owners take control of their renewable energy. The stand out offering is an affordable, cost effective battery storage solution. The smart electricity storage device takes advantage of the excess energy generated by your PV solar system and stores the surplus so that you can use it when you need it – such as when your household’s energy consumption increases in the evening, or on rainy days when your PV solar system generates less power. The system also provides blackout protect to provide emergency energy during a grid outage.

Queensland has the highest rate of household rooftop solar installations in Australia, with 1 in 3 homes using solar.
Queensland Government / www.qld.gov.au

Previously battery storage for the home was an expensive and complicated solution that involved installing a compatible inverter, however, Senec’s solution is universal and will work with any existing solar system without the need for additional hardware or upgrades. Available in capacities of either 4.5 or 9 kWh, the home battery storage device is a compact floor-mounted system that integrates seamlessly into your home. A series of high-quality lithium-ion battery modules store the surplus solar electricity so that you can access it at any time. This enables you to use more of your self-generated electricity, cut your grid electricity costs, and make your contribution towards sustainable power generation.

It doesn’t end there, if you are after full control, NDF Energy can offer the entire Senec 360° portfolio to complete the home’s approach to sustainable energy. This incredible solution delivers excellent performance in both environmental and economic terms. Combining the solar power system on your roof with the smart energy storage system and the charging point for your electric car, every component in your solar electricity system is connected and monitored with the Senec app. There is also the option to use your excess solar energy with Senec cloud – creating your own virtual energy savings account to access when required, available in QLD through the Energex network.

Chris King, our CEC accredited NDF Energy Technician tells us about the demand for Senec products across Australia.

Senec are revolutionising the solution we provide our customers in Australia. So many homes have an existing solar system we can seamlessly install a Senec battery to give the benefit of energy storage for night time and emergencies - even for virtual storage. It’s an exciting advancement for the industry and a fantastic opportunity for NDF Energy.
Chris King / CEC Accredited NDF Energy Technician

For further information on our NDF Energy residential solution click the link or contact us to find out how we can build a solution for you.


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