NDF Group supports local community projects with Cornerstone

March 02, 2023

NDF Group has been providing electrical and energy services for the Cornerstone projects over the past five years. From the initial project, Cornerstone Stores, located in Tugun, to the current project, The Warehouses, in nearby Currumbin.

Cornerstone Stores, constructed in 2014, is a bespoke mixed-use commercial precinct. NDF Electrical Services played an integral part in the overall delivery of the project, demonstrating reliability and quality workmanship to ensure the project was completed on time and budget.

We worked closely with Project Director, Luke Conforti, who instructed the design and development of the shopping precinct with the community in mind. We were involved from the start, designing the electrical system, providing feature lighting whilst working in conjunction with the builders to ensure timely installation throughout the construction stages.

Nick and his team are always our choice for all things electrical and energy services. We can always trust and rely on NDF Group to do a great job whilst offering us the latest products and deliver quality work.
Luke Conforti / Project Director

Successfully operating for over five years, Cornerstone Stores has become a vibrant part of the community and we continue to provide service and maintenance to the eight tenancies today.

Following the success of Cornerstone Stores, we have been engaged for our electrical and energy services for their next development, The Warehouses, which strives to provide a uniquely professional business and work environment. The buildings will be architecturally distinctive, yet congruent to their surroundings, with carefully curated tenancies to ensure a welcoming and like-minded business community. It’s another exciting community project for NDF Group to be involved in, both electrical and energy divisions will collaborate to provide a renewable energy solution for the development.

Since August 2022, we have been on the Currumbin site for the initial electrical installation phase of the project. As construction commences to each stage of the project we work in congruence with the team to ensure our services are delivered on time and in accordance with the project manager.

NDF Energy has proposed a private energy network, which will allow the building owners to offer their tenants competitive electrical prices, which would be cheaper than what they would pay directly to an energy retailer. We are able to achieve this by turning the site into an embedded network, distributing a combination of the energy generated by the rooftop solar and grid power among the tenants via a central control. Onsite batteries will store and distribute any excess energy.

We look forward to working with the same great local team to achieve this central, community business centre.

For further information on Cornerstone Stores click the link, or click here for information on The Warehouses.

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