NDF Group installs flagship JOLT EV Fast Charger in Brisbane

July 19, 2023

JOLT Charge has successfully installed the first fast ‘charging station in the state in partnership with NDF Group, marking a significant milestone in the transition to sustainable transportation. This innovative initiative is set to revolutionise the way EV owners charge their vehicles offering free, fast, clean charging for electric vehicles. The stations offer complimentary charging of up to 7kWh per vehicle daily, putting more money back into the vehicle owner’s pocket whilst paving the way towards a greener future.

We were pleased to be involved in this project, which is a major step forward in addressing the challenges associated with EV adoption. The project addresses current issues faced by electric vehicle owners including range anxiety, accessibility and cost. By offering fast and convenient charging without any monetary barriers, the project encourages more individuals to embrace electric vehicles and make the transition to clean transportation a seamless and convenient experience. This aligns with the NDF Group’s vision to transition Australia to renewable energy through the most cost-efficient means possible.

Chris King, NDF Energy Technician, Nick Foley, NDF Group Director, together with Clint Martin, Queensland Development Manager for JOLT commissioned the JOLT EV charging station. Their collaborative efforts focused on commissioning two charging stations and making necessary preparations to ensure a smooth and seamless installation.  The installation, which took place in June, saw the successful placement of the charging station in Camp Hill, an inner-city suburb of Brisbane known to be frequented by many electric vehicle owners.

We were recently engaged by a leading national EV company, JOLT Australia, to install one of their flagship charging units along with an advertising signboard. Our dedicated team successfully overcame numerous obstacles, such as limited access, public safety concerns and existing supply services to complete the project with the exceptional standards that define the NDF Group. The installation team demonstrated outstanding performance, and we take pride in being JOLT’s first Queensland partner.
Nick Foley / Director, NDF Group

JOLT is Australia’s largest free and fast EV charging network and already has a broad range of partnerships throughout Australia, including Transport for NSW, Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and a variety of local government councils across the country.

JOLT is thrilled to launch in Queensland, where we've witnessed a rapid increase of EV ownership, with more than 7350 EVs on Queensland roads, and growing. JOLT provides 7kwh of free, fast charging to all drivers every day, making EV ownership more accessible for everyone. Drivers can save around $1,000 every year by charging with JOLT.
Doug McNamee / JOLT CEO

*Source: AAA EV Index

JOLT has adopted a highly effective business approach that has already seen success throughout Australia and New Zealand and is soon to launch in Canada. JOLT offers Australian EV drivers 7 kWh, or around 50 kilometers, of free, fast charging, with the cost of charging offset through JOLT’s integrated out-of-home advertising network. Each charger is equipped with a dynamic LED screen that rotates advertisements, providing an innovative advertising platform.

Paving the way toward a zero-emissions future, JOLT’s forward-thinking business model not only offers free charging but also presents an enticing alternative to traditional petrol cars. By providing affordable and accessible EV charging, JOLT encourages consumers to consider purchasing electric vehicles, which assists in Australia’s transition to renewable energy.

Keep an eye out at your local shopping centre, for further JOLT EV chargers to be installed in Queensland, additional information can be found on the JOLT website.

Further information on NDF Group can be found here or contact us to find out how we can assist you. Image credit: Jolt Charge.

About JOLT

JOLT is Australia’s first and largest network of free, fast electric vehicle fast charging stations and Australia’s first and only carbon-negative verified digital out-of-home advertising network. As Australia’s leading EV charge point operator, JOLT’s mission is to make electric mobility more accessible to drivers through zero-cost and fast charging. JOLT offers Australian EV drivers 7 kWh, or around 50 kilometers, of free, fast charging, with cost of charging offset through JOLT’s integrated out-of-home advertising network. Using innovative tech, enabled by partnerships with Governments and companies, JOLT is creating a functional and sustainable charging network that runs off GreenPower accredited 100% renewable wind and solar energy and delivering best-in-class customer experience and infrastructure solutions to communities. JOLT – Accelerating the shift to a zero-emissions future. JOLT.com.au.

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