Floods lead to over 70,000 without power

April 21, 2022

Essential Energy and Energex reported that over 70,000 people were affected by the recent floods Northern NSW and Southeast Queensland combined. You may not have suffered the direct impact of the flooding, however, the power outage may have affected your ability to communicate for vital help. Unfortunately power outages are becoming more common around the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers because of natural disasters as well as energy shortages and a large increase in consumer demands.

We were saddened to hear the reports of the massive loss of possessions, property and livestock. However, one of the biggest issues also reported was the lack of communications and access to basic services due to the power outages that followed. There were many stories that emerged affecting residents and businesses cut off due to roads being damaged and flooded and unable to contact anyone for help resulting in no access to food, water or medical treatment.

50,000 residents in southeast Queensland lose power
Energex / 28 February 2022
20,000 without power in NSW flood zone
Essential Energy / 2 March 2022

The good news is there are several options you can consider for the future so you, your family and even your business can keep running during a crisis period.

Off grid energy solution

A reliable source of back up power. This power can be used to get a critical message out to emergency services or family for help, which has now proved to be essential, following recent events. An off grid battery storage system provides ongoing reliable emergency power for charging mobile phones, running your fridge and to provide lighting at night.

You can start small with a basic system, from as little as $8,000 that powers the essentials or scalable to power your entire home or business.

What you can do until you have a solution in place

  • Have an emergency plan worked out with your family or other occupants of the building so you all know what to do during a power outage.
  • Have the number of the local power company and your local electrician as well as emergency services on your phone and the phone of others in the building.
  • Know the local risks and be prepared.
  • Consider the needs of young people, old people and people with disabilities in regard to how they will cope and the stress it may cause them.
  • Have an updated emergency kit on hand that allows for everyone to remain self sufficient for several days. This should include water, emergency rations, torches and spare batteries, a cell phone, a radio and any critical medical supplies.
  • It’s also advisable to have an emergency tool kit with equipment you could need including a shovel, large knife, axe, pliers, hammer, nails, screwdriver and insulation tape.

We have extensive knowledge on electrical and energy solutions that will suit your home and budget. We can help you set up your off grid system so you don’t have to rely on the grid. Contact us today.

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