NDF Group Supports the Cotton Conference 2022

July 12, 2022

NDF Group are pleased to support the Cotton Conference this year, which is set to bring the industry together after three years of disruptions due to the pandemic. It is to be held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, over three days from 17-19 August 2022. There will be a wide variety of program sessions and speakers covering on-farm agronomy issues including sustainability.

‘People, Planet, Paddock’ sets the framework to achieve the Australian cotton’s industry vision of being a global leader in sustainable cotton production. It guides work to set sustainability targets in the areas most important to industry and stakeholders, coordinate a whole-of-industry strategy to achieve these targets, and engage effectively with stakeholders on actions and progress.

Bold sustainability targets are being set for the Australian cotton industry to:

  • Improve performance on the topics we know are important to the Australian cotton industry and it stakeholders.
  • Have a clear target to make what we want to do more concrete and achievable.
  • Motivate internal stakeholders, and increase external stakeholder accountability and trust, on the topics that impact the industry’s success.
  • Create a more productive, efficient, and responsive Australian cotton industry that will thrive for future generations.

Our company look forward to being a part of the conference. We hope to educate and share the benefits of renewables in the Australian agricultural industry. Our aim is to help with the concerns of rising energy costs and carbon emissions by helping with the transition from diesel powered systems to either a hybrid blend of energy, or a complete stand alone system. Our premium quality systems are designed and tested for the harsh Australian climate to maintain a reliable source of energy.

Themes for conference are organised around People, Planet and Paddock to reflect the industry’s sustainability framework and targets, with sessions including Future Farming, Emerging Cotton Diseases, Innovators, The Circular Economy of Cotton, Telling Our Story, Staying Safe and Global Trends in Sustainability.
Australian Cotton Conference / 15 June, 2022

Kevin Herselman, NDF Group’s Energy Technical Manager, comes from a farming background and is an industry leader in renewable technologies for agriculture. He grew up on a cattle and crop farm. After leaving school he left the family farm to become an electrician working in and around farming communities. The land is Kevin’s passion and this led him into looking at ways to use renewable energy in new and innovative ways for farming operations. His continued research and development in this sector allows NDF to be able to bring the latest technologies and system expertise to help farming operations transition to renewable energy.

Our approach is to analyse your farming operation and explain how to integrate a renewable energy into your operation. We carry out all installation works ourselves and continue remote monitoring and control to optimise your system.Β  Our bespoke solutions are scalable to any size. Using our latest energy audit technology for solar, wind turbine and battery storage with real time and historical energy monitoring units, renewable energy will provide a constant source of energy. For more information and to attend the conference, go to their website and please visit us on stand 5 to find out more about how we can help you achieve sustainability targets.

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Australian Cotton Conference
Australian Cotton Sustainability Update 2021
CRDC Annual Operational Plan 2022-23


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